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Showcase of some phpShadow sites

Sierra Leone 4x4 homepage

Sierra Leone 4x4

Sierra Leone 4x4 Vehicle Sales wanted a "clear and simple" website design where they could list the vehicles they have in stock. They needed to have a system where they could regularly add new vehicle listings and easily upload photos of each vehicle. We created a new plugin for phpShadow featuring a public vehicle list with information pages for each vehicle they added. The plugin allows them to give as much or little information of each vehicle as they require, quickly and easily.


Sierra Leone 4x4 homepage

Sierra Leone Car Hire

Following our launch of the Sierra Leone 4x4 Vehicles Sales website (above), their sister company Sierra Leone Car Hire asked us to redesign their existing website using the same style. We kept their original brand colour scheme but adapted their site to use the same design as the vehicle sales website. We also added a few functions to our vehicle gallery plugin for them to allow rental rates to be displayed instead of prices.



Soberton Parish Council homepage

Soberton Parish Council

Soberton Parish Council wanted a fairly simple, ‘clean’ template design. It was important that the site wouldn't be too busy and overcomplicated. We consulted with Soberton several times during the template design period, and uploaded all the initial site content from documents and images they gave us. We also visited to give several short tuition sessions on how to use the phpShadow system before and soon after the site was launched.


Royal Aeronautical Society, Solent Branch homepage

Royal Aeronautical Society, Solent Branch

Solent RAeS required a site that had a similar look and feel to the main Royal Aeronautical website whilst maintaining their own distinct image. (Note that the main Aeronautical society website has since changed design.) They needed to be able to update the site regularly with details of the latest lectures and news. The society is currently planning to expand the user base of the CMS to allow Southampton University students contribute news and other site content too.


The Burnhams Benefice homepage

The Burnhams Benefice

The Burnhams Benefice wanted a vibrant, bright site which they could keep frequently updated with parish and service information. The coloured boxes used on several site pages can be easily added in the page editor allowing them to frequently change the feel of pages.